Sunday, August 3, 2008

do my little turn on "the catwalk"

Just east of the AZ border, right inside NM there is a hiking trail I won't soon forget.
It's called, "the catwalk".

I have never stood
underneath a waterfall or explored hidden places in ice cold water to find one of the most spectacular waterfalls I've ever seen, until "the catwalk". And as if that wasn't enough I can now honestly say that, "Creedence, I have indeed, seen the rain coming down on a sunny day", literally. A picture wouldn't have done it justice. But, here's one of the first waterfalls on the hike,

I went with some women who won't soon be forgotten either. They are adventurous and lovely and hard to keep up with. I really need to get in better shape! I wish I had pictures of the food to show you, not everyone enjoys reading about food, so, I'll keep it short. It was fantastic!!! Salad with a balsamic awesomeness, salmon and rice spinach salad with a mango dressing, steel cut oats with fresh berries, fresh cut meats from a local italian market and biscotti that was oh my gosh, but it's hard NOT to talk about!!!


Miranda said...

What a beautiful group of ladies... and fun too. Absolutely jealous of the food.

Nicole T said...

my mom had a great time too! So glad you got to go. beautiful pics!

Shannon said...

Couldn't you find a better picture of is all about me isn't it. Oh well. Fun on.