Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy shrimp and yummy monkey

A lot has been going on in our household lately. We have two new members of our family. I am proud to announce that "happy shrimp" arrived, Mon. August 4th and "yummy monkey" (I'm not sure how this name came about), arrived Tues. August 5th.

We are so happy to include them in our family and our home is now their home.

Well, ok, we also have two more newbies around here. And in order to protect their safety, no names shall be given. However, I have included a picture of them.

Lastly, a tooth went missing and Simon survived the 1st day of second grade! Addy is excited to start preschool too!


Miranda said...

was that the same tooth that was loose in Cali? I love the name of the turtle... not only is a turtle named shrimp... but he's a happy one. Nice.

Michelle Ellis said...

We loved visiting your new pets! Thanks,

Shannon said...

It is fun to peek in at your life and family...I love you!