Saturday, August 16, 2008

happy shrimp= a lot of work=unhappy people

why haven't I figured out that owning a pet, of any size or position in life, is going to be A LOT of work, oh, and money!! Today we cleaned out happy shrimps aquarium and well, it's over now but here are a few quotes from the event. We also (afterwards, of course) tried to capture images for you of how we looked before and after.

Before and during the cleaning:


Me, "We are taking this turtle back today if you (Simon) don't get in here and help me!"
Me, "Stop flinging the water vacuum around like that you're getting turtle crap everywhere!"
Me, "Why do we have to have a turtle?" this one imagine a really whinny voice...
Me, "Simon, this is your responsibility and you need to learn how to take care of Happy, he's yours!"

Simon, "I'm going to get salmonella! I need to go and take a shower right now!"
Simon, "I want to take him back and get a lizard."
Simon, "His tank is clean enough!"

By the way, during all this Addy is in the background saying, "Look at me! I can almost touch the ceiling when I stand on this chair! Mom, where do you want me to put this light bulb? Mom, come look how I rearranged my room!"


Me, I really don't have words, at this point I'm just much money did I spend on this thing? And, how long do I have to stick with it so that Si learns to be responsible?

Simon, "Isn't he so cute? Look how he loves his tank!" "I love Happy!"

We have managed to find our smiles again though! Another successful cleaning!! We get to do it all over again next week!


Miranda said...

hahaha... I laughed out loud. By the way, what is on Simon's chest?

Nicole T said...

i love the way you captured the excitements. i feel like i was there.