Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Cutie!!

Ok, it may seem like we have attachment issues, but really if you've read any previous blog entries you will understand that we just have, "we want it easier" issues. Anyway, Happy ended up getting sick and we decided that it would be more "loving" to send him back to the store so he could get the proper care. And...we left with a gerbil. Her name is Cutie. She's much much easier to clean up after and really really spunky. I hope she doesn't get too used to us!!

We also had another lost tooth! This time Simon accidentally swallowed it, oops! He's relieved and excited to find out that the tooth fairy will still come. We had a long talk about how the tooth would someday resurface (whether we see it or not). Addy was horrified that Simon swallowed his tooth and actually started crying, but immediately laughed when she found out how the tooth would show up again someday.

Simon's losing teeth and Addy's got a full head of hair! She loves to pretend that she has long hair and if I let her, she would wear this everywhere!!! Man, she's awesome!!!


Nicole T said...

i have heard miranda did the same hair thing! And at least your kids will get to experience a variety of pets.

Miranda said...

I totally did do the same thing with a shawl in my dress up box... it had fringe so it felt even more like real hair. Man I love Addy so much!!!