Monday, August 18, 2008

Holding onto Summer

We had an awesome summer! It's hard to say goodbye. Our theme song for this trip was, "Soak up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow and we did exactly that. In fact, my skin is still peeling and we've been back several weeks now. Here are some pictures. Thanks Miranda!

Simon learning to boogie board,

Sometimes I just have to force him

here's why,

Addy learned that people pee in the ocean (my apologies for those who didn't know this or might be offended that you're seeing pictures of a four year old who may or may not be peeing)

And of course Miranda, we love her and consider her a gift to our family.

It was definitely a trip to remember. After a couple long days playing hard at the beach we went to this restaurant on Coronado and afterwards saw fireworks on the bay. It was such a neat way to end the day.
Here's Miranda and Addy playing in the sand, some of which is still on my laundry room floor.

And of course, no vacation blog would be complete without a funny Miranda video, it may be short, but it's funny!!

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Miranda said...

I was protecting our camp from unwanted invaders... it was necessary to chase the birds.