Monday, January 5, 2009

Whoa! What happened?

I can't believe how old I'm getting! 2009?! Really?? Well, if I'm going to have to accept another year passing I might as well enjoy remembering some end of the year joys!!

Here are a few,

I'm so proud of Simon for finishing out the cross-country season with flying colors. Here he is before a race.

Addy has taken up guitar this year.

My Mom, Bro, niece Stacey and nephew Josh came for a visit over Thanksgiving. It was so fun! We had a great time at the zoo and I hope to always remember the night at my dining room table where we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. Josh, 3 for $20!! No way!! That's the best deal I've ever heard!

Here's me pushing Grandma D in the "stroller"! Here's something I didn't really think about before hand...there sure are a lot of hills at the zoo!

My bro, Josh!! I think he's cool.

Here's Stacey holding Gwendolyn,

We also had our pictures taken for Christmas by a friend of mine, Doris. I love this one she captured of Simon... I will just let the picture speak for itself (please don't email me if you find this offensive. Just know that I know that some of you might and let that be enough).

And of course, Todd. This was a fun night! Thanks Todd and Sophia for having us over and thanks for being so awesome!

And of course Sophia, Simon and Sophia had a great time dancing to some of her favorite tunes one night. They were both so happy!! Adelen cannot be seen here because she was already off to bed.

Right now I'm wondering where all the parade pictures are and the pictures of Christmas and geesh, all the other fun stuff we got to do. I'm really going to have to work on capturing more of life on my old fashioned digital camera (but that's not a resolution for the new year, it's not even a goal, it's just a thought and I don't want to be held to it. It may happen and it may not, we'll see).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis Louis...

Meet me at the fair, don't tell me the lights are shining any place but there!! (Well, and in AZ.)
Ok, you may not know this song, but it means something to me.

We went to the fair this year and it was magical!! We got to go with Todd, with whom I am quite fond of and his beautiful daughter Sophia, with whom I am also quite fond of.

I wish we would have taken more pictures because I want to remember...

the smell of gas as we watched demolition derby (it was awesome!!)

the taste of the awesome funnel cake

the joy of watching my kids win a stuffed animal after successfully popping balloons with a dart

watching Sophia enjoy the music and taking in the lights

seeing the look on Addy's face as she traveled down the giant slide at break neck speed (thanks for holding onto her Todd!)

seeing the look on Todd's face as he traveled down the giant slide at break neck speed (thanks for holding onto him Addy).

seeing Todd's face as he watched the cars demolish one another.

seeing Simon's face as he watched cars crash into one another. I know he's dreaming of a day when he can be behind the wheel (scary!)

hearing Simon laugh on the kid roller coaster

believing that Sophia and I secretly picked the winning car, but just didn't tell anyone

knowing that each and everyone of us was having a great time

And my favorite, the ferris wheel, oh, wait Todd did capture this one!!!

Thanks Todd!!

*Tracie, I'll start saving up my money so we can go again next year!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Simon and Addy climbing the "bush" in the backyard

They are so cute and I'm so in love with them.
I have enjoyed every moment of this day from the very beginning to this very moment this day has rocked the house!! It's been a gift.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Bendy Straw, what's this world coming to!?

I figured now would be as good a time as any to also mention the excellence of the bendy straw, otherwise known as the flexible straw or if you prefer the flexy straw.

Some might look at this and baulk at it's clever, impressiveness and to them I would say, "It's a sad world when we don't respect the convenience of a straw that bends towards our mouths, making less work for us."

If we're not careful to appreciate the little things such as fanny packs and bendy straws we might soon find ourselves in a world where no one remembers how to whistle, or grow their own food or hunt their own dinner or even throw a frisbee. I can't even remember the last time I saw a game of hopscotch! I think you'll agree, Yikes!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fanny Packs, not for the faint of heart...

And by that I mean, not for people who can't handle a little adventure, and by that I mean not for people who aren't totally sure of their coolness, and by that I mean Fanny packs are freakin' awesome!!

I tried to prove my point here by asking several people to pose for my blog wearing a fanny pack, but no one would. I think they're just being shy.

Here's a picture of the fanny pack that I'm courageously defending (not because I'm feeling a need to defend myself! Surely, people who wear fanny packs don't need defending. They let their sleek looks speak for themselves)...

As you can see it provides many different features for the avid hiker or those who enjoy long walks, like say, maybe through the mall. These features include and are pretty much limited to a water bottle holder, little pocket for keys or maybe your chap stick (a must!) and adjustable straps for just the right fit. Awesome! I know!!

If any of you ever want to borrow it, you may. Including you Nicole, but let me know soon because I'm sure there will be a waiting list.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girls' "Weekend" 2008

It's the annual Girls' Weekend Extravaganza!!! It's been 7 years in the running for me and 9 for Tracie and Michelle. Phew, that's a long time. We almost weren't able to pull it off this year. It had to look different for me, but we still did it, well, sort of. I cannot tell you what this entails because it is a secret, but it is a lot of fun and I hated to cut it short. Vanessa, it's not the same without you. We miss you and look forward to being together again!!

Here are some pictures from our hike. One in which Tracie led the way and Michelle and I complained most of the time.

here's why Michelle was complaining (in case you can't see it...there's a nasty blister on her toe), as for me, I have no blister, and no excuse

Michelle I can't help but think of homemade huckleberry pie when I look at this picture,

And Tracie, heaven help me, I can't help but think of you pretending to smoke and yelling "shut up" to the unsuspecting children in the other room (imaginary of course!)

and our traditional automatic picture taken in front of the cabin, four takes later...

I love girl's weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

breathing deeper now

I knew exactly what the nurse was calling about today before she even spoke. Simon had found his way to nurse's office (without the wheelchair this time, for those of you who know that story) once again having trouble breathing. The nurse offered to call an ambulance, but I chose to take him to the ER myself. By the time we got there, he was breathing a little easier. The doc ran some tests and Si got a few drugs. Not entirely sure what's bringing it all on, but we're definitely going to stay on top of it.

Simon soon got bored with Nick Jr. and decided playing around on the computer was far more fun. He took some pictures of himself and it turned out to be a fun escape from not only the boredom he was experiencing, but the anxiety too.

Simon expressing his feelings about how this "thing" keeps getting in the way of his computer fun,

Simon before Prednisone

Simon after prednisone (we're only joking mom, he really is doing better),