Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Disneyland vs. The Beach

Simon, Adelen, my friend Miranda and I had a vote to determine which was more fun, Disneyland or the beach and after two recent trips to CA. here are the results:

The Beach- 2

The following will give some clues as to who voted for what...

"Hi Beast!"

Miranda's Disneyland Dance


Sandi Shipley said...

Hey my friend! Love the videos :-) Glad you are having fun. Beach...D.L....Beach...DL...Hmmmm, that is a tough choice! Love you and your precious family! Sandi

Miranda said...

Watch my Disneyland dance video and realized I'm wearing the same thing right now... creepy. I need new clothes.

P.S. I blogged about your blog.

linda t said...

That Miranda girl is rather creepy... or is it just that scary dance... or the clothes she is wearing... mmm...

SOOO excited to have you aboard Blogdom Teresa!
Love you!

Nicole T said...

im excited to start watching the new blog and looking out for arrested development comments snuck in!