Tuesday, September 2, 2008

breathing deeper now

I knew exactly what the nurse was calling about today before she even spoke. Simon had found his way to nurse's office (without the wheelchair this time, for those of you who know that story) once again having trouble breathing. The nurse offered to call an ambulance, but I chose to take him to the ER myself. By the time we got there, he was breathing a little easier. The doc ran some tests and Si got a few drugs. Not entirely sure what's bringing it all on, but we're definitely going to stay on top of it.

Simon soon got bored with Nick Jr. and decided playing around on the computer was far more fun. He took some pictures of himself and it turned out to be a fun escape from not only the boredom he was experiencing, but the anxiety too.

Simon expressing his feelings about how this "thing" keeps getting in the way of his computer fun,

Simon before Prednisone

Simon after prednisone (we're only joking mom, he really is doing better),


Michelle Ellis said...

That's so fun you had your computer with you! Get well Simon!

Grandma D said...

I think he has his Uncle Josh's neck! I wonder why I never noticed that before - hmmmm.