Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fanny Packs, not for the faint of heart...

And by that I mean, not for people who can't handle a little adventure, and by that I mean not for people who aren't totally sure of their coolness, and by that I mean Fanny packs are freakin' awesome!!

I tried to prove my point here by asking several people to pose for my blog wearing a fanny pack, but no one would. I think they're just being shy.

Here's a picture of the fanny pack that I'm courageously defending (not because I'm feeling a need to defend myself! Surely, people who wear fanny packs don't need defending. They let their sleek looks speak for themselves)...

As you can see it provides many different features for the avid hiker or those who enjoy long walks, like say, maybe through the mall. These features include and are pretty much limited to a water bottle holder, little pocket for keys or maybe your chap stick (a must!) and adjustable straps for just the right fit. Awesome! I know!!

If any of you ever want to borrow it, you may. Including you Nicole, but let me know soon because I'm sure there will be a waiting list.


Michelle Ellis said...

You are a funny one! Wear it proud, girl!

Jason Ellis said...

"Fanny" just the sound of it is creepy to me now. I will say I wore one to France when I went- but that was 11 years ago- ELEVEN. Need I say more on that?
I do like the orange on the one in the photo, but it's hard to defend the overall fanny pack when there is this new and I would say- highly useful invention of late- the camelback(or equivalent).

peace out

Nicole T said...

We live in an environment of grace. I am sorry I was unable to show that to you, and that you felt you had to defend yourself. However, I still can not condone the pack. Not only is it a fashion no no, but its just not flattering, to anyone. And I had no idea you considered yourself "an avid hiker" hmm.
Is it that hard to wear a purse or backpack or heaven forbid, pockets?

Miranda said...

fanny packs make me smile... but not in a complimentary way, mind you.

I also would agree that chapstick is a MUST.